The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences presents the 2019 Topics in Forensic Science Conference (TIFS): Forensic Biology & DNA - Current Trends and Emerging Practices, providing a forum to promote education and research, to discuss current and emerging investigative techniques in forensic biology & DNA, and to encourage interdisciplinary communication in the forensic sciences.


Featured Presentations:

Which to Use: Familial DNA, Genealogy, or Genetic Phenotype in Forensic Investigations
- Rockne Harmon, J.D., Forensic/Cold Case Consultant

Cold Case Solved: Identification of a Suspect for the Golden State Killer
Using Investigative Genealogy

- Barbara Rae-Venter, J.D., Ph.D., Investigative Genealogy Consultant

Cold Case Investigation: Christy Mirack

- Christine Wilson, J.D., Assistant District Attorney,

- Christopher Erb, Detective, and

- Larry Martin, Detective 
           - Office of the District Attorney of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Additional topics will include:

• HCIFS Forensic Genetics Laboratory Trends

• HCIFS DNA Reports & STRmix

• HCIFS Identification Committee Case Studies

• Rapid DNA Testing       

• Statewide CODIS DNA Database Program

• Mixture Interpretation & Legal Considerations

• And much more…

Improved Registration Process:

Group registration and group payment is now available.


$105 Registration Fee* for our highly anticipated, two-day conference covering forensic biology and DNA.

Who Should Attend?

• Detectives
• Investigators
• Law Enforcement Officers 
• Prosecutors
• Public Defenders
• Private Attorneys
• Judges
• Educators
• Researchers
• Forensic DNA Analysts
• Forensic Investigators
• Medical Examiners/Coronors
• Crime Scene Investigators
• Forensic Anthropologists
• Forensic Scientists
• Forensic Science Partners
• Students

* Parking with in/out privileges provided at no extra fee. Lunch on both days is off-site and at your own expense, with many local restaurants near the Texas Medical Center for your selection.


HCIFS Training and Development Manager


Past Conference:

2018 TIFS Conference

Location Information:
1861 Old Spanish Trail
Houston, TX 77054  |  832-927-5000