Contact Information

New Email Address for Subpoenas:

To obtain a copy of an autopsy report, contact:

Administrative Services (832) 927-5004

For medical questions specific to your loved one's case, contact:

Family Liaison Team (832) 927-5006

To ask questions or to discuss resources that may be available to you
following the death of your loved one, contact:

Victim's Assistance (832) 927-5007

For information on possible matches to a missing person, please contact:  

 (832) 927-5000; select option 1

Main phone number: (832) 927-5000

Law firms seeking information:

To check the status of a case on-line using a name or case number, click here.
Phone calls are answered during regular business hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.,
Monday through Friday with the exception of Harris County Holidays