​Scientific Presentations

2024 American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)

February 19-24, 2024 Denver, CO

Is Bone Speed of Sound Affected by the Molecular Composition of Infant Bone?
Miriam E. Soto Martinez, PhD*; Jason M. Wiersema, PhD; Christian Crowder, PhD; Angela Bachim, MD

StandardsDevelopment in Forensic Anthropology: Updates From the OSAC and ASB
Eric J. Bartelink, PhD*; Julie M. Fleischman, PhD; Wendy E.P. McQuade, PhD

Standardsfor Analyzing Skeletal Trauma in Forensic Anthropology
Donna C. Boyd, PhD*; Julie M. Fleischman, PhD; Carolyn V. Isaac, PhD; Jade S. De La Paz, PhD

Investigating Variation in Trabecular and Cortical Bone Structure Due to Mobility Impairment: A Natural Experiment in Reduced Loading
Devora S. Gleiber, MA*

A Cornucopia of Death by Gas: Fatalities Involving Organic and Inorganic Gases
Hannah C. Jarvis, MBBS, MRCS*; Gregory Dickinson, MD, MS

Medicolegal Pediatric Natural Deaths: Causes of Death and Demographics
John W. Powell, MD*; Hannah C. Jarvis, MBBS, MRCS; Melissa M. Blessing, DO

Deaths Due to COVID-19 Infection in Children and Young People Aged 0–19 at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences in Houston, Texas
Jennifer L. Ross, MD*

The Prevalence of GSR and the Mitigating Quality Procedures at Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences
Brittany S. Claassen, MS*; Audrey Pless; Leslie A. Dixon, BS; Jason L. Schoeder, MS, MBA