​Scientific Presentations

2022 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 21-25, 2022 Seattle, WA


Poster: Serrated Versus Non-Serrated Blade Class Interpretation: An Interactive Survey
Miriam E. Soto-Martinez, PhD*; Julie M. Fleischman, PhD; Jason M. Wiersema, PhD; Deborrah C. Pinto, PhD

Presentation: World Trade Center–A Historical Overview
Amy Mundorff, PhD*; Eric Bartelink, PhD; Jason Wiersema, PhD; Gaille Mackinnon, MSc

Poster: Myositis Ossificans Circumscripta: Evidence Contributing to the Reconstruction of a Life History
Jennifer Love, PhD*; Deborrah Pinto, PhD; Julie Fleischman, PhD; Jason Wiersema, PhD


Poster: An Internal Validation Study of the TopMatch 3D Scanner for Cartridge Cases
Kayli Carrillo, BS*; Alexis Moser, BS; Jennifer Turner, MS

Presentation: A Retrospective Review of Hemp/Marijuana Decision Point Assays in Operational Laboratories
James Miller, MA*; Kay McClain, BS; Charles Cline, BS; Ya-Chih (Jessica) Cheng, MS; Sarah Kerrigan, PhD


Poster: Evaluating Trends and Demographics of Accidental Drug Deaths in Harris County, Texas, From 2016 to 2020
Varsha Podduturi, MD*; Namrata Walia, MD, MHA; Daryl Shorter, MD

Presentation: Standards Development Activities in Forensic Medicine
Jason M. Wiersema, PhD*; Keith Pinckard, MD, PhD

Poster: Congenital Rib Abnormalities: A Presentation of Two Case Studies and a Literature Review
Gregory Dickinson, MD*; Hannah C. Jarvis, MRCS; Angela Soler, PhD; Julie Fleischman, PhD

Presentation: Fatalities Due to the February 2021 Winter Storm in Harris County, Texas
Noah Reilly, DO*; Varsha Podduturi, MD; Hannah C. Jarvis, MRCS

Presentation: Human Fatalities Caused By Dogs: A 17-Year Retrospective Study in Harris County, Texas, and New York City, New York
Hannah C. Jarvis, MRCS*; Gregory M. Dickinson, MD

Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Presentation: A Five-Year Review (2016–2020) of Intimate Partner Homicides at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences
Jennifer L. Ross, MD