​Scientific Presentations

2021 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 15-19, 2021 Virtual


Poster: The Frequency and Pattern of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - Related Fractures in an Infant Autopsy Sample 
Miriam E. Soto Martinez, PhD*; Jason M. Wiersema, PhD; Julie M. Fleischman, PhD; Deborrah C. Pinto, PhD; Christopher Greeley, MD; Angela Bachim, MD; Marcella  Donaruma-Kwoh, MD; Si Gao, MS; Laney R. Feeser, MA

Presentation: Metric Identification Support Tool (MIST): A Statistically Based Instrument for Use in Medical Examiner/Coroner Offices to Support Personal Identification Results
Sharon M. Derrick, PhD*; Jason M. Wiersema, PhD; Deborrah C. Pinto, PhD; Blair Boatwright, PhD


Presentation: The Results of an Interlaboratory Validation to Differentiate Marijuana From Hemp
Sarah Kerrigan, PhD*; Ya-Chih Cheng, MS; Chance Cline, BS; Kay McClain, BS; James T. Miller, MA

Presentation: Alleles With Dissimilar Frequencies Between Ethnic Populations Increase the Uncertainty in DNA Mixture Interpretation
Sam Kwiatkowski, PhD*; Michael A. Donley, MS; Katherine Welch, MS; Roger Kahn, PhD

Digital & Multimedia Sciences

Poster: A Technique for Reducing Flash Glare for the Forensic Photographer 
Joe P. Anderson, BFA*; Dustin C. Hatfield, MA

Poster: On-Camera vs. Off-Camera Flash
Desmond R. Bostick*; Dustin C. Hatfield, MA


Presentation: Mitigating Entomological Hazards in Scene Investigation
Michelle R. Sanford, PhD

Presentation: A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Firearm Deaths in Harris County, Texas: 2009–2020
Stacy A. Drake, PhD*; Ned Levine, PhD; Nimesh Chandrakant Shah, MPH; Alicia Medina, BS; Yijiong Yang, BM, MHA; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD

Poster: The Enhancement of Tattoos Using Alternative Light Sources vs. Photo Editing Software
Mirtha L. Gonzalez, BA*; Dustin C. Hatfield, MA

Poster: Medicolegal Death Investigator Workplace Safety Hazards: A Scoping Review of the Literature 
Caitlyn Thoene*; Stacy A. Drake, PhD; Margaret Foster, MS, MPH

Presentation: A Longitudinal Evaluation of Death Investigation of Elder Abuse and Neglect Deaths
Stacy A. Drake, PhD*; Anthony Akande, MBA; Peter Adam Kelly, PhD, MBA; Yijiong Yang, BM, MHA; Carmel B. Dyer, MD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD

Humanitarian & Human Rights Resource Center Poster Session

Poster: Dental Age Estimation From Human Remains at the Cambodian Mass Gravesite of Krang Ta Chan: Scientific Evidence of Child Victim
Julie M. Fleischman, PhD*; John A. Piakis, DDS


Presentation: Variations in Postmortem Perianal Findings in Infants: A Retrospective Review of Non-Traumatic Abnormalities and the Potential Diagnostic Pitfalls in Determining Trauma

Paulyann Maclayton, MD*; Merrill O. Hines III, MD

Presentation: A Simplified DNA Barcoding Strategy for Forensically Relevant Blow, Flesh, and Scuttle Flies 
Sam Kwiatkowski, PhD*; Michelle R. Sanford, PhD; Michael A. Donley, MS; Katherine Welch, MS; Roger Kahn, PhD

Presentation: A Retrospective Analysis of Deaths in Harris County, Texas, for the Detection of COVID-19 Prior to March 2020
Kaeleigh DeMeter, BS*; Pramod Gumpeni, MD*

Presentation: Hurricane Harvey: Fatality Overview 
Tabitha Ward, MD*; Varsha Podduturi, MD; Pramod Gumpeni, MD

Presentation: Fatalities Due to Major Vascular Trocar Injuries in Laparoscopic Surgery
Hannah C. Jarvis, MRCS*; Gregory M. Dickinson, MD

National Institute of Justice-Forensic Science Research & Development Symposium

Presentation: A DNA Barcoding Strategy for Blow and Flesh Flies Encountered During Medicolegal Casework
Sam Kwiatkowski, PhD


Poster: The Effect of COVID-19 and Texas’s Phased Reopening Plan on Ethanol Concentration in Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Cases in Harris County, Texas
Grayce Behnke, MS*; Teresa R. Gray, PhD

Poster: Phencyclidine (PCP) Prevalence and Demographics in Driving While Intoxicated/ Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DWI/DUID) and Postmortem Casework in Harris County, Texas, 2013–2018
Britni N. Skillman, PhD*; Crystal Arndt, MSFS; Teresa R. Gray, PhD

Poster: A Suicidal Sodium Nitrite/Nitrate Ingestion Outbreak in Houston, Texas
Erin C. Strickland, PhD*; Varsha Podduturi, MD; Teresa R. Gray, PhD

Presentation: The Impact of Reducing the Ethanol Threshold for Performing Drug Testing in Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Cases
Teresa R. Gray, PhD