​Scientific Presentations

2019 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 18-23, 2019 Baltimore, MD


Accreditation of Forensic Science Academic Programs Through the FEPAC, Module 4. A Review of Graduate Standards, Module 5. Questions and Answers, Module 7. Scenario and Evaluation
Jeffery K. Tomberlin, PhD; Michael J. Salyards, PhD; Jason L. Schroeder, MS


Evaluation and Minimization of Contextual Bias in Forensic Anthropological Casework in the Context of a Medical Examiner’s Office
Julie M. Fleischmann, PhD*; Michal L. Pierce, MS; Christian Crowder, PhD

Harris County Forensic Anthropology Training Program
Deborrah C. Pinto*, PhD, Michal Pierce, MS

Factors Affecting Bone Speed of Sound (SOS) in Infants
Miriam E. Soto Martinez*, PhD; Christian Crowder, PhD; Brian Dawson, MS; Urszula Polak, MS

An Analysis of Skeletal Demographics and Traumatic Injuries from the Khmer Rouge Period in Cambodia
Fleischman, Julie*, PhD


Antibody-Mediated Separation of Seminal Male/Female Mixtures from Sexual Assault Samples
Chelsie Testerman*, BS; Jordan Cox, MS; Kemper Gibson, MS; James P. Landers, PhD; Tracey Dawson Cruz, PhD

Internal Validation of the “DogFiler” Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Amplification Assay for the Analysis of Canine DNA Evidence
Sam Kwiatkowski*, PhD; Michael A. Donley, MS; Katherine Welch, MS; Roger Kahn, PhD

The Determination of Weathering Levels of Gasoline Using Various Methods of Analysis
Morgan N. Carpenter*, BS, William M. Davis, PhD


Optic Nerve Hemorrhage: A Sensitive or Specific Marker of Trauma?
Melissa M. Blessing, DO*; Merrill O. Hines III, MD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Glenn D. Sandberg, MD

The Correlation of Pediatric Cervical Nerve Root and Doral Ganglia Hemorrhage with Hemorrhage at Other Spinal Cord Levels
Marianne Beynon, MD*; Miriam E Soto Martinez, PhD; Jo Elle G. Peterson; Si Gao, MS; Jennifer C. Love, PhD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Glenn D. Sandberg, MD

A Fatal Idiopathic Spontaneous Intraperitoneal Hemorrhage (ISIH) (Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum) in a 56-Year-Old Male With Cirrhosis
Gregory M. Dickinson*, MD; Hannah C. Jarvis*, MRCS; Jacob Steinberg, MD

Elevator-Related Deaths
Joseph A. Prahlow, MD*; Zuhha Ashraf; Natalie Plaza, MD; Christopher B. Rogers, MD; Melissa M. Blessing, DO; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; et al.