​Scientific Presentations

2018 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 19-24, 2018 Seattle, WA


An Experimental Evaluation of Participant Recall as One Indicator of the Reliability of Infant Death Reenactments 
Jason M. Wiersema, PhD*, Larissa Ybanez; Allison Woody; Si Gao, MS; Stephanie Miller, BA; Christian Crowder, PhD

Veteran Suicides in Harris County, Texas 
Bethany L. Bless, MS


Validation, Verification, and Performance Checks of Anthropological Equipment and Software: The Importance of quality Assurance in Forensic Anthropology Laboratories 
Julie M. Fleischmann, PhD*; Christian Crowder, PhD; Michal L. Pierce, MS, Kate Spradley, PhD

A Comparison of Two Methods for Estimating the Postmortem Interval (PMI) From Decomposed Human Remains 
Mary Studebaker-Reed, BA*, Deborrah C. Pinto, PhD, Michelle R. Sanford, PhD


Rapid Peptide Analysis Utilizing Matrix-Assisted Inlet Ionization and Paper Spray Ionization 
Kyle E. Vircks, MS

Assessing the Capability of Combining Elemental and Phase Mapping n Automotive Paint Systems Using Scanning Electron Microscope/Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS)  
Li, Sun Yi, BS*, Davis, William, Ph.D.; Roger Kahn, Ph.D.

Supplementing Forensic Science Services with Research, Training, and Mentoring: Employing Quality Management Personnel to Meet an Organization’s Continuous Education Program Goals 
Jasmine M. Jefferson, MS*; Michal Pierce, MS, Luis A. Sanchez, MD 

An Examination of Striations on Bullets Discharged From 3D-Printed Metallic Gun Barrels 
Jennifer Turner, MS*, Robert Baldwin, JD, Scott Golightly, BS, Pamela Zelbst, PhD, Jorn Chi-Chung Yu, PhD

The Identification of Various Controlled Substances by Headspace Chemical Analysis Using Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction (HS/SPME) and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) 
Justin Day, MS*, Harry R. Ehmann, MS, Jorn Chi-Chung Yu, PhD

A Review of Gunshot Residue (GSR) Evidence in Suicide Cases 
Jason L. Schroeder, MS, MBA*, William M. Davis, PhD, Roger Kahn, PhD


A Validated Method for the Quantitative Determination of Zolpidem, Zopiclone, and Zaleplon (ZZZ Drugs) in Blood, Stomach Contents, and Liver by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) 
Madison, Schackmuth, BS*, Rachel Marvin, PhD, Erica Bakota, PhD