​Scientific Presentations

2017 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 13-18, 2017 New Orleans, LA


Barricade/Suicide — Investigation, Autopsy Protocol, Death Certification and Surveillance, and Media and Public Relations

Dwayne A. Wolf, M.D., Ph.D.


An Exploration of the Variation in the Sternal Rib Ends of Infants 

Julia R. Prince-Buitenhuys, M.A. | Deborrah C. Pinto, Ph.D. | Christian Crowder, Ph.D. | Jason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Sharon M. Derrick, Ph.D. | Miriam E. Soto-Martinez, Ph.D. | Poster Session

Examining the Effect of Region Of Interest (ROI) Size on the Ability to Accurately Estimate Age at Death From Osteon Population Density (OPD)

Megan E. Ingvoldstad, Ph.D. | Timothy P. Gocha, Ph.D. | Christian Crowder, Ph.D. | Victoria M. Dominguez, M.A.

Is Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) a Useful Tool for Evaluating the Mechanical Properties of Infant Cortical Bone?
Miriam E. Soto-Martinez, Ph.D. | Christian Crowder, Ph.D. | Catherine G. Ambrose, Ph.D.| Juantia M. Deaver

Myiasis and Death: Factors and Complications Related to Estimating Time of Colonization After Antemortem Fly Colonization Followed by Death
Michelle R. Sanford, Ph.D. | Darshan R. Phatak, M.D. | Alex John, M.D. | Michael R. Condron II, M.D.


Analyzing DNA Mixtures Using Polymerase Chain Reaction/Capillary Electrophoresis (PCR/CE) Compared to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Katherine Welch, MSFS | Justin J. Foster, Ph.D. | Joseph Truppi, B.S. | Michael A. Donley, M.S. | Roger Kahn, Ph.D. | Poster Session

Rapid Analysis of Peptides and Proteins Utilizing Matrix-Assisted Inlet Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Kyle E. Vircks, M.S. | Jesse M. Zavala, M.S. | Yibin Wang, Ph.D. | Robert B. Cody, Ph.D. | Warren C. Samms, Ph.D. | Roger Kahn, Ph.D. | Poster Session

Investigating the Utility of Automated Flash Chromatography in Forensic Drug Analysis
Kimberly Setien, B.S. | Kyle E. Vircks, M.S. | Warren C. Samms, Ph.D. | Poster Session


Navigating Toward a Blind Proficiency Testing and Verification Program 
Michal L. Pierce, M.S.

The Use of Heterospecific Development Data for Time of Colonization (TOC) Estimation
Michelle R. Sanford, Ph.D. | Adrienne L. Brundage, Ph.D. | Lue Cuttiford, MSc


Agenesis of the Thyroid Cartilage Superior Cornua: Implications for Autopsy

Sharon M. Derrick, Ph.D. | Kathryn C. Pinneri, M.D. | Deborrah C. Pinto, Ph.D. 

Two Cases of Fatal Pulmonary Tumor Thrombotic Microangiopathy 
Danielle Armstrong, D.O. | Joseph M. Guileyardo, M.D.