​Scientific Presentations

2015 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 16-21, 2015 Orlando, FL


Estimating the Postmortem Interval: A Validation Study of the Total Body Scoring Method Using Medicolegal Cases from Southeast Texas 
Derek A. Boyd, B.A., 2014 Forensic Anthropology Summer Intern | Poster Session
Standardized Descriptive Method for the Anthropological Evaluation of Fractures of the Adult Neurocranium
Jason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Poster Session
Healing Rates of Antemortem Injuries to Bone
Lara E. McCormick, Ph.D., 2014 Forensic Anthropology Fellow
Theoretical Foundation of Child Abuse Recognition
Jennifer C. Love, Ph.D. | Miriam E. Soto Martinez, M.A., Forensic Anthropology Research Fellow


Gunshot Residue on Evidence Packaging
Mustapha Zein, B.S., 2014 Trace Evidence Laboratory Summer Intern | Poster Session
Forensic DNA Collection at Death Scenes
Zury Phillips, M.S.
The Validation of a Statistical Tool for the Analysis of DNA Mixtures
Dustin Foley, M.S.


Breaking Glass: Case Review of an In-Hospital Suicide
Bethany L. Bless, M.S., LBSW | Poster Session
Bleeding Out: A Case of Mistaken Homicide
Bethany L. Bless, M.S., LBSW
Analysis of Suicide Locations in Harris County, Texas
Gavin M. Schmidt, B.S.


Factors Related to Body Temperature From Scene to Autopsy: Implications for Forensic Entomology
Michelle R. Sanford, Ph.D. 
Poor Man’s Methadone: A Case Report of Loperamide Toxicity
Jennifer Dierksen, M.D., 2014 Forensic Pathology Resident
A Fatal Case of Reye’s Syndrome Associated with Pepto-Bismol®
Sasha Osbourne, M.D., 2014-15 Forensic Pathology Fellow
Next Generation Sequencing Technology for the Identification of Genetic Markers Associated with Sudden Unexplained Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Roger Kahn, Ph.D.
Worked to Death: A Detailed Discussion of At-Work Deaths in Harris County, Texas
Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, M.D.


Characterization of AB-FUBINACA Metabolites in Rat Urine by Liquid Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
Ashraf Mozayani, PharmD, Ph.D. | Jeffrey Walterscheid, Ph.D.
Sleeping with the Enemy: Zolpidem in Driving Under the Influence and Postmortem Cases
Charlotte A. Baker, Ph.D.
Case Study: A Suicide Death by Sotalol Overdose
Autumn Massiello, Ph.D., 2013-14 Forensic Toxicology Fellow | Jeffrey Walterscheid, Ph.D.
Asphyxia Due to Inhalation of Hydrogen Gas
Anna Kelly, Ph.D.
Characterizations of AB-PINACA, AB-FUBINACA, and Metabolites Identified in Driving Under the Influence and Postmortem Cases by Liquid Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Michael Chen, Ph.D.


Mass Fatality Incidents: An Integrated Approach
Christian Crowder, Ph.D., Chair and Presenter
Ancestry Estimation in the 21st Century
Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, M.D., Presenter
RADid: Using Radiologic Technologies to Identify Unknown Decedents
Sharon M. Derrick, Ph.D., Co-Chair and Presenter