​Scientific Presentations

2014 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 17-22, 2014 Seattle, WA


Background Gunshot Residue - A Statistical Analysis
William M. Davis, Ph.D.
Differentiation of Regioisomeric Alpha-Methyltryptamine (AMT; 3-(2-Aminopropyl)indole) and 5-IT (5-(2-Aminopropyl)indole) 
Rebecca J. McCullough, B.S. | Poster Session | 2013 Summer Intern
Differentiation and Thermal Degradation of Synthetic Cathinone Regioisomers During Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Rebecca J. McCullough, B.S. | Poster Session | 2013 Summer Intern
Mitigating Risk in the Forensic Drug Chemistry Laboratory
Warren C. Samms, Ph.D.


Scenes Are Not What They Seem! A Case Study
Patricia C. Smith, B.A.
Stepping Into Squalor: Scene Investigation of Decedents Who Lived in an Extremely Cluttered or Squalid Residence at the Time of Their Death
Ellie Wallace, M.S.
Comparative Analysis of the Public Health Role of Two Death Investigation Systems in Texas: Application of Essential Services
Stacy A. Drake, MSN, MPH
Four-Legged Victim or Violent Predator: Can Necropsies Aid in Court Cases?
Patricia C. Smith, B.A.
Mentoring Forensics: An Explosive Application
Jason L. Schroeder, M.S., MBA | Poster Session


Ethylene Glycol Toxicity: Death Before Calcium Oxalate Crystal Deposition
Deanna Oleske, M.D. | Pathology Resident
Subdural Hemorrhage as Postmortem Artifact: Characterization of Non-Traumatic Subdural Hemorrhages Identified at Autopsy
Albert Y. Chu, M.D. 

Ganglia and Nerve Root Hemorrhage in Cases of Pediatric Blunt Head Injury
Jo Elle G. Peterson, M.D. | Neuropathology Fellow
Forensic Entomology at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences
Michelle R. Sanford, Ph.D.

Envenomation and Degranulation: A Case Report of Sudden Death Following Copperhead Snakebite and Evaluation of Toluidine Blue as a Diagnostic Tool in the Diagnosis of Kounis Syndrome
Victoria Sorokin, M.D. | Pathology Fellow
Postmortem Distribution of 25I-NBOMe After Acute Fatal Toxicity
Jeffrey P. Walterscheid, Ph.D.


Determination of GHB in Blood and Urine Using GC/MS/MS Without Derivatization
Joseph A. Cox, B.S. | Poster Session | 2013 Summer Intern
Recent Trends of Designer Drugs in Harris County, Texas
Fessessework Guale, DVM
Screening for Drugs and Metabolites in Hair Specimens by LC/TOF/MS
Autumn Massiello, Ph.D. | Toxicology Fellow


Standardized Descriptive Method for the Anthropological Evaluation of Pediatric Skull Fractures
Jason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Poster Session
Effective Use of Metadata in the Identification of Skeletal Remains With Weak DNA Kinship-Index Results
Sharon M. Derrick, Ph.D.