​Scientific Presentations

2012 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 20-24, 2012 Atlanta, GA


An Investigation of Trace DNA in Binding Materials and Clothing on Decedents in Simulated Crime Scenes
Jonathan Lai, BSc
A Sample Tracking System to Automate and Increase Workflow in a Forensic DNA Casework Lab
Cindi L. Hricko, MS
Capturing the Moment: Photographing Low Level Signals from Serological Testing of Swabs and Cartridges
Francesca M. Daher, BA
Vacuum-Based GSR Recovery
William M. Davis, PhD
Alternative Sexual Assault Kit Processing
Christy Smejkal, MS
Herbal Incense and Bath Salts Cases in Harris County
Warren C. Samms, PhD


Forensic Anthropology Fellowship Training Model
Jennifer C. Love, PhD, D-ABFA (Presenting for Deborrah Pinto, PhD) 

Validation Study of Microscopic Analysis of Saw Marks in Bone 
Jennifer C. Love, PhD, D-ABFA 

Ongoing Development of the Novel Computer-Assisted Radiograph Identification Method
Sharon M. Derrick, PhD 


County Burial: A Look at the Final Resting Place of Unclaimed and Unidentified Remains
Patricia C. Smith, BA, D-ABMDI 

Advancing Forensics Through Training: Police Transition Teams
Jason L. Schroeder, MS, MBA 

Assessing the Need for Family Assistance Services Within the Medical Examiner System
Bethany L. Bless, MS, LSW 

Medicolegal Elderly Death Trends Within Harris County: Are Changes in Practice Warranted?
Stacy A. Drake, MSN, MPH, RN


Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis as a Cause of Rapid and Unexpected Death
Ana E. Lopez, MD; Cory J. Broehm, MD 

Histologic Variation in Cardiac Rupture Complicating Myocardial Infarction: A Forensic Experience
Brandy L. Shattuck, MD 

Firearm Suicide Demographics in Harris County
Brandy L. Shattuck, MD 

When Hospitals Fail to Report Deaths in Medical Examiner Jurisdiction: What Are We Missing?
Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD 

Correlation of Antemortem and Postmortem Retinal Hemorrhages in Children
Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD 


Workshop: Preparation and Strategic Planning for Accreditation of Forensic Laboratories Based on the ISO/IEC 17025 International Standard
Ashraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD (Chair & Presenter) 


Increasing Efficiency in the Autopsy Suite: Rapid Drug Screening on Pericardial Fluid
Pramod Gumpeni, MD


Driving Under Impairment with Hydrocodone, Carisoprodol, Topiramate, and Phenytoin
Yuanwei Gao, BS 

Two Fatalities, Survival Driver, and Topiramate
Michael Chen, PhD 

Forensic Toxicology Fellowship Training Model
Anna Kelly, PhD 


Creating an Accredited Paperless Forensic Laboratory Digital Handbook
Ashraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Warren Samms, PhD; Carol Andrews, MBA; William Davis, PhD