​Scientific Presentations

2007 American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)

February 19-24, 2007 San Antonio, TX


Laboratory Gunshot Residue Contamination Study: Part II
Jason L. Schroeder, BS; James L. Jackson, BS; Roger Kahn, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD


A Comparative Analysis of the Public Health Role of Death Investigation Systems
Stacy A. Drake, MSN, RN; Mary desVignes-Kendrick, MD, MPH; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD


Looking to the Future: Opportunities for Research in Forensic Dentistry
Veronique F. Delattre, DDS; Robert E. Wood, DDS; Richard A. Weems, DDS


Ruptured Cerebral Artery Aneurysm Mimicking Home Invasion and Assault
Albert Y. Chu, MD, MHS; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 

The Epidemiology of Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Decedent Medical Examiner Cases
Sharon M. Derrick, PhD; Stacey A. Mitchell, MSN, RN; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 

Drowning of a Child with a Cardiac Fibroma of the Interventricular Septum
Darshan R. Phatak, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 

Death by Cue in the Parietal Pocket:  An Unusual Injury Pattern Caused by the Use of a Blunt Object
Valerie S. Green, MD; Mary L. Anzalone, MD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 

The Great Outdoors: The Postmortem Picnic
Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Mary L. Anzalone, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 

Under The Scope: An Unusual Case of Sudden Death
Luisa F. Florez, MD; Mary L. Anzalone, MD; Carolina Gutierrez, MD; Mario Cervantes, MD; Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Maximilian Buja, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 


Houston Mass Murder Victims:  33 Years Later
Sharon M. Derrick, PhD; Michele Hunt, BS; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 

Interpretation Of Osseous Traumata: Ballistics-induced Depressed Skull Fractures
Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Gregory E. Berg, MA 

The Petrous Portion of the Human Temporal Bone Revisited:  A Bayesian Analysis of Its Potential Value in the Identification of Human Skeletal Remains
Jason M. Wiersema, PhD 


Analysis of Amphetamines in Postmortem Matrices Using In-Matrix Alkylchloroformate
Jeff Wise, MS; Terry Danielson, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Anna Bayles, MS; Richard Li, PhD 

Annual Lectureship In Toxicology: Methamphetamine and Phentermine in DUID Cases
Ashraf Mozayani, PhD; Terry Danielson, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD 


On Pins and Needles:  Manner of Death When an Unusual Form of Self-Mutilation Leads to Fatal Consequences
Baiyang Xu, MD; Marissa L. Feeney, MD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD