February 22-27, 2016Las Vegas, NVANTHROPOLOGYInfant Bone Health: An evaluation of quantitative ultrasoundThe Status of Unidentified Decedent Cold Cases at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences from 1957 to 2015The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board Accreditation of the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences’ Forensic Anthropology DivisionMiriam E. Soto-Martinez, Ph.D. | Jennifer C. Love, Ph.D. | Weilu Han, MPH | Poster SessionCate E. Bird, Ph.D. | Sharon M. Derrick, Ph.D. | Deborrah C. Pinto, Ph.D. | Jason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Jennifer C. Love, Ph.D.Christian Crowder, Ph.D. | Michal L. Pierce, M.S. | Luis A. Sanchez, M.D.CRIMINALISTICS“I Dropped Acid.” “No, You Didn’t.” A Retrospective Study of NBOMe Emergence in Harris County, TexasTotal Imaging Analysis of PaintIdentification of Regioisomers Via Gas Chromatography Coupled with Vapor-Phase Infrared DetectionCharacterization of Performance-Enhancing Peptides via Ambient Ionization Time-of-Flight/Mass SpectrometrySuccess Rates from Touch DNA in Property CrimesWarren C. Samms, Ph.D. | Donna E. Williams, B.S. | Kay McClain, B.S. | Poster PresentationWilliam M. Davis, Ph.D. | Roger Kahn, Ph.D.Janice L. Aleman, B.S. | Jesse M. Zavala, M.S. | Kyle E. Vircks, M.S. | Warren C. Samms, Ph.D.Kyle E. Vircks, M.S. | Jesse M. Zavala, M.S. | Robert B. Cody, Ph.D. | Warren C. Samms, Ph.D. | Roger Kahn, Ph.D.Tammy Taylor, M.S. | Michael A. Donley, M.S. | Diana Gonzales, M.S. | Nikia S. Redmond, MSFS | Katherine Welch, MSFS | Roger Kahn, Ph.D.The Value in Integrating Emergency Management and Forensic Death Investigation at the Harris County Institute of Forensic SciencesSmartphone Uses in Medicolegal Death InvestigationAn Application of Gunshot Residue as Trace EvidenceMotor Vehicle Crash or Auto-Pedestrian: Are stranded motorists left “stranded?”Jason Wiersema, Ph.D. | Allison Woody, M.S. | Phong Nguyen, B.A. | Roxanne Phatak, M.S. | Poster PresentationKathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, M.D. | Bethany L. Bless, M.S. | Poster PresentationJason L. Schroeder, M.S., MBA | William M. Davis, Ph.D. | Roger Kahn, Ph.D.Stacy A. Drake, MPH, Ph.D. | Dwayne A. Wolf, M.D., Ph.D. | Poster PresentationGENERALPATHOLOGY/BIOLOGYNerve Root and Dorsal Root Ganglia Hemorrhage as an Indicator of Pediatric Traumatic Head InjuryDefining “Mass Fatality Incident” for Medicolegal Jurisdictions in the United States: A planning toolCustodial Suicides: A review of suicides of incarcerated persons investigated by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences over a 10-year periodEmergency Management, Death Investigation, and Pathology of a Mass Fatality Industrial Workplace Accident: The La Porte, Texas, Dupont® Plant IncidentIndoor vs. Outdoor Forensic Entomology: Exploring the Differences, Challenges and Opportunities of Indoor ScenesA Quantitative Assessment of Peri-Mortem Blunt Force Trauma of the NeckTOXICOLOGYMarianne E Beynon, M.D. | Miriam E. Soto-Martinez, Ph.D. | Jo Elle G. Peterson | Jennifer C. Love, Ph.D. | Dwayne A. Wolf, M.D., Ph.D. | Glenn D. Sandberg, M.D.Jason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Allison Woody, M.S. | Frank DePaolo, B.S. | Emily Carroll | Adriana M. Fernandez, B.S. | Rachel Canfield, B.A. | Poster PresentationSara N. Doyle, M.D. | Sharon M. Derrick, Ph.D.Pramod Gumpeni, M.D. | Jason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Allison Woody, M.S.Michelle R. Sanford, Ph.D.Deborrah C. Pinto, Ph.D. | Deanna Oleske, M.D.Quetiapine Stability as It Relates to the Time Frames of Case StudiesA Case of Death by Diclazepam: Lorazepam in DisguiseMariah D. Carson, B.S. | Jeffrey Walterscheid, Ph.D. | Poster PresentationFessessework Guale, DVM | Warren C. Samms, Ph.D. | Jeffrey Walterscheid, Ph.D. | Dana L. Hopson, M.D.Approved
February 16-21, 2015Orlando, FLANTHROPOLOGYEstimating the Postmortem Interval: A Validation Study of the Total Body Scoring Method Using Medicolegal Cases from Southeast Texas Standardized Descriptive Method for the Anthropological Evaluation of Fractures of the Adult NeurocraniumHealing Rates of Antemortem Injuries to BoneTheoretical Foundation of Child Abuse RecognitionDerek A. Boyd, B.A., 2014 Forensic Anthropology Summer Intern | Poster SessionJason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Poster SessionLara E. McCormick, Ph.D., 2014 Forensic Anthropology FellowJennifer C. Love, Ph.D. | Miriam E. Soto Martinez, M.A., Forensic Anthropology Research FellowCRIMINALISTICSGunshot Residue on Evidence PackagingForensic DNA Collection at Death ScenesThe Validation of a Statistical Tool for the Analysis of DNA MixturesMustapha Zein, B.S., 2014 Trace Evidence Laboratory Summer Intern | Poster SessionZury Phillips, M.S.Dustin Foley, M.S.Breaking Glass: Case Review of an In-Hospital SuicideBleeding Out: A Case of Mistaken HomicideAnalysis of Suicide Locations in Harris County, TexasBethany L. Bless, M.S., LBSW | Poster SessionBethany L. Bless, M.S., LBSWGavin M. Schmidt, B.S.GENERALPATHOLOGY/BIOLOGYFactors Related to Body Temperature From Scene to Autopsy: Implications for Forensic EntomologyPoor Man’s Methadone: A Case Report of Loperamide ToxicityA Fatal Case of Reye’s Syndrome Associated with Pepto-Bismol®Next Generation Sequencing Technology for the Identification of Genetic Markers Associated with Sudden Unexplained Death and Sudden Infant Death SyndromeWorked to Death: A Detailed Discussion of At-Work Deaths in Harris County, TexasTOXICOLOGYMichelle R. Sanford, Ph.D. Jennifer Dierksen, M.D., 2014 Forensic Pathology ResidentSasha Osbourne, M.D., 2014-15 Forensic Pathology FellowRoger Kahn, Ph.D.Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, M.D.Characterization of AB-FUBINACA Metabolites in Rat Urine by Liquid Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass SpectrometrySleeping with the Enemy: Zolpidem in Driving Under the Influence and Postmortem CasesCase Study: A Suicide Death by Sotalol OverdoseAsphyxia Due to Inhalation of Hydrogen GasCharacterizations of AB-PINACA, AB-FUBINACA, and Metabolites Identified in Driving Under the Influence and Postmortem Cases by Liquid Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass SpectrometryAshraf Mozayani, PharmD, Ph.D. | Jeffrey Walterscheid, Ph.D.Charlotte A. Baker, Ph.D.Autumn Massiello, Ph.D., 2013-14 Forensic Toxicology Fellow | Jeffrey Walterscheid, Ph.D.Anna Kelly, Ph.D.Michael Chen, Ph.D.HCIFS WORKSHOP PARTICIPATIONMass Fatality Incidents: An Integrated ApproachAncestry Estimation in the 21st CenturyRADid: Using Radiologic Technologies to Identify Unknown DecedentsChristian Crowder, Ph.D., Chair and PresenterKathryn Haden-Pinneri, M.D., PresenterSharon M. Derrick, Ph.D., Co-Chair and PresenterApproved
February 17-22, 2014Seattle, WACRIMINALISTICSBackground Gunshot Residue - A Statistical AnalysisDifferentiation of Regioisomeric Alpha-Methyltryptamine (AMT; 3-(2-Aminopropyl)indole) and 5-IT (5-(2-Aminopropyl)indole) Differentiation and Thermal Degradation of Synthetic Cathinone Regioisomers During Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry AnalysisMitigating Risk in the Forensic Drug Chemistry LaboratoryWilliam M. Davis, Ph.D.Rebecca J. McCullough, B.S. | Poster Session | 2013 Summer InternRebecca J. McCullough, B.S. | Poster Session | 2013 Summer InternWarren C. Samms, Ph.D.GENERALScenes Are Not What They Seem! A Case StudyStepping Into Squalor: Scene Investigation of Decedents Who Lived in an Extremely Cluttered or Squalid Residence at the Time of Their DeathComparative Analysis of the Public Health Role of Two Death Investigation Systems in Texas: Application of Essential ServicesFour-Legged Victim or Violent Predator: Can Necropsies Aid in Court Cases?Mentoring Forensics: An Explosive ApplicationPatricia C. Smith, B.A.Ellie Wallace, M.S.Stacy A. Drake, MSN, MPHPatricia C. Smith, B.A.Jason L. Schroeder, M.S., MBA | Poster SessionEthylene Glycol Toxicity: Death Before Calcium Oxalate Crystal DepositionSubdural Hemorrhage as Postmortem Artifact: Characterization of Non-Traumatic Subdural Hemorrhages Identified at AutopsyGanglia and Nerve Root Hemorrhage in Cases of Pediatric Blunt Head InjuryForensic Entomology at the Harris County Institute of Forensic SciencesEnvenomation and Degranulation: A Case Report of Sudden Death Following Copperhead Snakebite and Evaluation of Toluidine Blue as a Diagnostic Tool in the Diagnosis of Kounis SyndromePostmortem Distribution of 25I-NBOMe After Acute Fatal ToxicityDeanna Oleske, M.D. | Pathology ResidentAlbert Y. Chu, M.D.Jo Elle G. Peterson, M.D. | Neuropathology FellowMichelle R. Sanford, Ph.D.Victoria Sorokin, M.D. | Pathology FellowJeffrey P. Walterscheid, Ph.D.PATHOLOGY/BIOLOGYTOXICOLOGYDetermination of GHB in Blood and Urine Using GC/MS/MS Without DerivatizationRecent Trends of Designer Drugs in Harris County, TexasScreening for Drugs and Metabolites in Hair Specimens by LC/TOF/MSPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYJoseph A. Cox, B.S. | Poster Session | 2013 Summer InternFessessework Guale, DVMAutumn Massiello, Ph.D. | Toxicology FellowStandardized Descriptive Method for the Anthropological Evaluation of Pediatric Skull FracturesEffective Use of Metadata in the Identification of Skeletal Remains With Weak DNA Kinship-Index ResultsJason M. Wiersema, Ph.D. | Poster SessionSharon M. Derrick, Ph.D.Approved
February 18-23, 2013Washington, D.C.PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYRetrospective Study of Skull Fractures Observed Following Terminal FallsUse of Silver Nitrate Stain to Visualize Microanatomical Features in Decalcified Bone Cross-SectionsTesting a New Computer-Assisted Forensic Identification Method Developed Through Interdisciplinary CollaborationJennifer C. Love, Ph.D.Deborrah C. Pinto, Ph.D.Michelle H. Raxter, Ph.D.TOXICOLOGYToxicology Results of Drivers of Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents in Harris County, Texas in 2011Simultaneous Analysis of Opiates and Acetaminophen With Noscapine MonitoringDetection of Volatiles in Postmortem Samples by Headspace Gas Chromatography With Mass SpectrometryStability of Synthetic Cathinones (Bath Salts) in Toxicology SpecimensFessessework G. Guale, DVMMichael Chen, Ph.D.Charlotte A. Baker, Ph.D.Jeffrey P. Walterscheid, Ph.D.The Contribution of a Digital Fingerprint Protocol to the Medicolegal and Mass Fatality ContextsBlast Injuries in a Non-Military Setting: Findings and Future ImplicationsRuptured Intracerebral Arteriovenous Malformations, Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease, and Acute Hypertensive Effects of Stimulants: Is There a Direct Link?Routine Postmortem Cultures in Infant Autopsies: A Four Year ExperienceJason M. Wiersema, Ph.D.Pramod Gumpeni, M.D.Dwayne A. Wolf, M.D., Ph.D.Kristin C. Escobar Alvarenga, M.D.PATHOLOGY/BIOLOGYNIJ GRANTEES MEETINGIndependent Validation Test of Microscopic Saw Mark AnalysisCRIMINALISTICSJennifer C. Love, Ph.D.Evaluation of Half Reaction Volumes of the AmpFlSTR® Identifier® Plus Forensic Amplification Kit in STR AnalysisComparative Evaluation of Methods to Remove Exogenous DNA From Tooth SamplesResults of DNA Processing of Unselected Sexual Assault EvidenceEvaluation of Pressure Cycling Treatment on Barocycler® NEP3229 for Extraction of Low Template Forensic DNA SamplesRebecca S. Mikulasovich, M.S.Kelly DeSouza, B.S.Sarah Kelley, B.S.Rebecca S. Mikulasovich, M.S.GENERALAssisted Suicide and the Next of Kin RightsManaging Mass Fatality Incident Response: Concept of Operations and Field Operating Guides for an Integrated Regional Response to Mass Fatality IncidentsNo Family Left Alone: The Family Assistance Unit Within the Harris County Institute of Forensic SciencesBethany L. Bless, M.S.David A. Boyer, MFSBethany L. Bless, M.S.WORKSHOPBeyond the Numbers: An Objective Approach to Forensic Toxicological InterpretationBones and Children: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Forensic IssuesPrinciples and Applications of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) for the Forensic ToxicologistKathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, M.D. (Presenter)Kathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, M.D. (Co-Chair and Presenter) | Jennifer C. Love, Ph.D. (Presenter)Jeffrey P. Walterscheid, Ph.D. (Chair and Presenter) | Michael Chen, Ph.D. (Presenter)Approved
February 20-24, 2012Atlanta, GACRIMINALISTICSAn Investigation of Trace DNA in Binding Materials and Clothing on Decedents in Simulated Crime ScenesA Sample Tracking System to Automate and Increase Workflow in a Forensic DNA Casework LabCapturing the Moment: Photographing Low Level Signals from Serological Testing of Swabs and CartridgesVacuum-Based GSR RecoveryAlternative Sexual Assault Kit ProcessingHerbal Incense and Bath Salts Cases in Harris CountyJonathan Lai, BScCindi L. Hricko, MSFrancesca M. Daher, BAWilliam M. Davis, PhDChristy Smejkal, MSWarren C. Samms, PhDPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYForensic Anthropology Fellowship Training ModelValidation Study of Microscopic Analysis of Saw Marks in Bone Ongoing Development of the Novel Computer-Assisted Radiograph Identification MethodJennifer C. Love, PhD, D-ABFA (Presenting for Deborrah Pinto, PhD)Jennifer C. Love, PhD, D-ABFASharon M. Derrick, PhDCounty Burial: A Look at the Final Resting Place of Unclaimed and Unidentified RemainsAdvancing Forensics Through Training: Police Transition TeamsAssessing the Need for Family Assistance Services Within the Medical Examiner SystemMedicolegal Elderly Death Trends Within Harris County: Are Changes in Practice Warranted?Patricia C. Smith, BA, D-ABMDIJason L. Schroeder, MS, MBABethany L. Bless, MS, LSWStacy A. Drake, MSN, MPH, RNGENERALPATHOLOGY/BIOLOGYMesenteric Venous Thrombosis as a Cause of Rapid and Unexpected DeathHistologic Variation in Cardiac Rupture Complicating Myocardial Infarction: A Forensic ExperienceFirearm Suicide Demographics in Harris CountyWhen Hospitals Fail to Report Deaths in Medical Examiner Jurisdiction: What Are We Missing?Correlation of Antemortem and Postmortem Retinal Hemorrhages in ChildrenWORKSHOPAna E. Lopez, MD; Cory J. Broehm, MDBrandy L. Shattuck, MDBrandy L. Shattuck, MDDwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhDKathryn Haden-Pinneri, MDWorkshop: Preparation and Strategic Planning for Accreditation of Forensic Laboratories Based on the ISO/IEC 17025 International StandardAshraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD (Chair & Presenter)MULTIDISCIPLINARY SESSIONIncreasing Efficiency in the Autopsy Suite: Rapid Drug Screening on Pericardial FluidPramod Gumpeni, MDTOXICOLOGYDriving Under Impairment with Hydrocodone, Carisoprodol, Topiramate, and PhenytoinTwo Fatalities, Survival Driver, and TopiramateForensic Toxicology Fellowship Training ModelYuanwei Gao, BSMichael Chen, PhDAnna Kelly, PhDNFSTC SPECIAL PROJECTSCreating an Accredited Paperless Forensic Laboratory Digital HandbookAshraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Warren Samms, PhD; Carol Andrews, MBA; William Davis, PhDApproved
February 21-26, 2011Chicago, ILCRIMINALISTICSInteresting Case - XO Male in Forensic CaseworkTwo Case Studies of Controlled Substances Laboratories Using Custom Macros and Commercial LIMS-Based Paperless Systems Under ACSLD/LAB-International Accreditation RequirementsSurfactant Pyrolysis Products: Implications for Fire Debris AnalysisEvaluation of Deparaffinization Techniques and DNA Extraction Methods for Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded TissueUsing the Autoclave for DNA Decontamination of Consumables for use in Low Template DNA TestingRobin Freeman, MSMark D. Dixon, BSWilliam M. Davis, PhDJennifer Petrash, MS (Presented by Lisa Gefrides, MS)Michael A. Donley, MSDIGITAL AND MULTIMEDIA SCIENCESFinding Light After Dark: Low Light Photography for Forensic InvestigatorsFrancesca M. Daher, BAIncorporating Forensic Nursing Education Into Undergraduate Nursing Programs: A Simulation ApproachThe Killer EconomyStacy A. Drake, MSN, MPHBethany L. Bless, MSGENERALLAST WORD SOCIETYNew Identifications in the Houston Mass Murder Cases of 1973MULTIDISCIPLINARY SESSIONSharon M. Derrick, PhDHelium Detection in Postmortem SpecimensEthylene Glycol Fatalities: A New Look at InterpretationAnna T. Kelly, PhDJefferey P. Walterscheid, PhDPATHOLOGY / BIOLOGYDNA Extraction From Paraffin Blocks: Organ Selection and Pre-Embedding Fixation Times - Practical Implications for Forensic PathologistsA Comparison of Trauma Associated with Manual and Automated Cardiopulmonary ResuscitationPathologic and Anthropologic Manifestations of Documented Repetitive Blunt Trauma in a Child Abuse CaseThe Utility of Skeletal Examination in Recognition of Occult Skeletal InjuryTransition to Digital Technology in the Forensic Morgue: Lessons Learned on the Pathway to Greater Efficiency (Digital X-rays, Fingerprinting, and Photography) Alex John, MDDeborrah C. Pinto, PhDPramod Gumpeni, MDJason M. Wiersema, PhDJason M. Wiersema, PhDPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYCPR Fractures in Infants: When Do They Occur?New Method of Identification Based on Computer-Assisted Radiograph ComparisonMiriam E. Soto, MASharon M. Derrick, PhDTOXICOLOGYCPR Fractures in Infants: When Do They Occur?New Method of Identification Based on Computer-Assisted Radiograph ComparisonMiriam E. Soto, MASharon M. Derrick, PhDTOXICOLOGYAlcohol Analysis in the 21st Century: Analysis, Reporting, and InterpretationToxicological Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinomimetic Spice DrugsLC/MS/MS Determinations of Hydrocodone and Hydromorphone in Oral Fluid, Urine, and Hair After Short-Term TherapyAnna T. Kelly, PhDFrancisco I. Ortiz, BSJeffrey P. Walterscheid, PhDApproved
February 22-27, 2010Seattle, WACRIMINALISTICS (Forensic Biology/DNA)An Efficient, Systematic Approach to Serology Screening of Sexual Assault Evidence Characterizing DNA Contamination on the Outer Packaging of Forensic Biology Evidence Touch DNA From Property Crimes - CODIS Success StoriesThe Effectiveness of Bleach for Eliminating Contaminating DNA on Laboratory Surfaces Validating the Use of a Human and Male Specific Quantitation Kit to Establish Minimum Amplifiable Quantities for Autosomal and Y-STRsDevelopment and Implementation of a Custom Paperless LIMS Serology Module Katherine Welch, MSFSRhonda C. Williams, PhDNikia S. Redmond, MSFSDiana Gonzales, MSKevin J. MacMillan, MSAnna Timanova, PhDCRIMINALISTICS (Controlled Substances)Confirmatory Analysis of Selected Controlled Substances by DART-TOF Mass Spectrometry Warren C. Samms, PhDCognitive Contamination in Medicolegal Death Investigations Seeing Is BeLeeding Picking on the Elderly: An Unfair Fight - Elder Abuse and Neglect Through the Death Investigator’s Eyes Use of Dolls in Reenactments in Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigations Where is Your Family Member?: Harris County Medical Examiner Office’s Innovative Approach to Locating Next of Kin Daniel Morgan, MSMatthew Doyle, BSNLauralee A. Veitch, ADNTerri O’Shea, MSFSMichele L. Hunt, BSGENERAL (Investigations)PATHOLOGY / BIOLOGYPediatric Deaths in Harris CountyUtility of Large Bowel Examination in Medicolegal Death Investigation The Evolving Distribution of Cause and Manner of Death in HIV-Positive Medicolegal Cases: Links Between ART and Traditional Categories of Chronic Disease A Case of Anaphylactoid Syndrome of PregnancyPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYKathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, MDMichael R. Condron, MDSharon M. Derrick, PhD; Jennifer C. Love, PhDJennifer L. Shuttlesworth, MDObjective Interpretation of the Striation Pattern Observed in Experimentally Cut Costal Cartilage Jennifer C. Love, PhDTOXICOLOGYPhencyclidine (PCP) in Fatally Injured Drivers and DUID Arrests in Harris County, Texas An HPLC/MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of Three Opiates and Three Benzodiazepines in Postmortem Blood Fessessework Guale, DVMShaohan Zhao, PhDApproved
February 16-21, 2009Denver, COWORKSHOPSInternational Accreditation of Forensic LaboratoriesAshraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Mark Mogle, BS; Luis A. Sanchez, MD; Alja Einseln, MS; Justice TetteyCRIMINALISTICSRecovery of Contact DNA from Handled HandgunsEffect of Hydrogen Peroxide Pre-Treatment on the Results of the Subsequent Phenolphthalein Presumptive Test for BloodA Y-STR Mixture Frequency Estimator in Forenisic CaseworkBrake Pad Friction Particles: SEM-EDX Analysis and Comparison to Gunshot ResidueMounir Moudouni, MS; Lisa Gefrides, MS; Michael Donley, MS; Kimberly Kerlec, BS; Roger Kahn, PhD; Rhonda Clark, PhDAnna Timanova, PhD; Lisa Gefrides, MS; Katherine Welch, MS; Roger Kahn, PhDLisa Gefrides, MS; Kevin MacMillan, MS; Cindi Klein, MS; Roger Kahn, PhD; Lyn Fatolitis, BS; Jack Ballantyne, PhDWilliam M. Davis, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD; Colin C. Anderson, BSRecent Developments in the Ongoing Saga of the Houston Mass MurdersSharon M. Derrick, PhD; Jennifer Love, PhD; Jason Wiersema, PhD; Ruth Mathis; Luis A. Sanchez, MDLAST WORD SOCIETYPATHOLOGY / BIOLOGYPostmortem Recognition of Sickle Cell TraitSuicide by Hanging in Harris County, TexasAutoPulse Associated InjuriesSudden Deaths Associated with Sexual ActivityPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYKathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Sara N. Doyle, MDSara N. Doyle, MD; Sharon M. Derrick, PhDKathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Jennifer Love, PhD; Roger A. Mitchell, MDAlbert Y. Chu, MD; Sharon M. Derrick, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez; MDThe Role of the HCMEO Forensic Anthropology Division in Scientific IdentificationForensic Pathology and Anthropology: A Collaborative EffortSupra-Inion Depressions in a Pediatric Medical Examiner Sample: Support for a Synergy of Developmental and Biomechanical  EtiologiesJason Wiersema, PhD; Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Jennifer Love, PhD; Sharon M. Derrick, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDKathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Jennifer Love, PhD; Jason Wiersema, PhD; Sharon M. Derrick, PhDSharon M. Derrick, PhDTOXICOLOGYPostmortem Analysis of Cocain, Benzodiazepines, Opiates, and SSRI's in Hair6-Monoacetylmorphine Confirmation by Liquid Chromatographic Tandem Mass Spectrometric Determination of 6-Monoacetylmorphine and Noscapine in Vitreous HumorJeffery P. Walterscheid, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Terry Danielson, PhD; Christine Moore, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDJeffery P. Walterscheid, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Terry Danielson, PhD; Shaohan Zhao, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDApproved
September 5-10, 2008Louisville, KY42nd ANNUAL N.A.M.E. MEETING PRESENTATIONSUndetermined Cause and Manner of Death After Organ/Tissue DonationHuffing Air Conditioner Fluid: A Cool Way to Die?Solving the Elusive Puzzle of the Unidentified Immigrant DecedentDwayne Wolf, M.D.Darshan Phatak, M.D.Sharon Derrick, Ph.D. : Presenter | Jennifer Love, Ph.D. : Co-authorApproved
February 18-23, 2008Washington, DCCRIMINALISTICSThe Use of Standardized Microsoft® Office Excel Templates for Forensic Casework to Reduce Human Error and Analyst TimeValidation of BIOMEX 3000 for DNA Extraction, Quantitation and PCR Set-upKevin MacMillan, MS; Roger Kahn, PhDMark Powell, MS; Rhonda Clark, PhD; Kevin J. MacMillan, MS; Lisa Gefrides, MS; Roger Kahn, PhDGENERALCars Gone Wild: Auto-Pedestrian Homicides in Harris CountyLuisa F. Florez, MD; Kathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, MD; Merrill O. Hines III, MD; Stephen K. Wilson, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MD; Sharon M. Derrick, PhD; Sara N. Chauvin, MDCold Case (20 Year Old) Solved with Aid of Bite MarkPaul G. Stimson, DDSODONTOLOGYPATHOLOGY/ BIOLOGYEthyl Chloride Toxicity in a Case of Unsuspecting AbuseRecognizing Classic Metaphyseal Lesions in Child Abuse: An Autopsy TechniqueWhat Lies Beneath: An Unusual Congenital  Anomaly in an Assault VictimA Diagnosis of Chagas Disease at AutopsyPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYValerie S. Green, MD; Stephen K. Wilson, MD; Terry J. Danielson, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDJennifer C. Love, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDKathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, MD; Jason M. Wiersema, PhD; Jennifer C. Love, PhDAna E. Lopez, MD; L. Maximiliam Buja, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDPractical Considerations of the Daubert Guidelines on Methods of Identification in the Medical Examiner SettingThe Utility of the Identification Unit Concept in the Medical Examiner SettingJason M. Wiersema, PhD; Jennifer C. Love, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDSharon M. Derrick, PhD; Jason M. Wiersema, PhD; Ruth Mathis; Jennifer C. Love, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDTOXICOLOGYDART-TOF Applications in Toxicology and Controlled SubstancesInterpretation of Fentanyl in Postmortem CasesAshraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Mark D. Dixon, BS; Luis A. Sanchez, MDAshraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Terry Danielson, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDApproved
November 8-10, 2007Galveston, TXS.A.T. FALL MEETING PRESENTATIONSEvaluation of Unexpected Peaks in Headspace Gas ChromatographyDetermination of Sildenafil (Viagra TM) in Post-Mortem Tissues by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass SpectrometryPost-Mortem Hair Testing: Our Approach Using Post-Mortem Tissues by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass SpectrometryMeasurement of Ion Suppression During LC/MS/MS Determination of Methadone and Methodone MetaboliteGlenna Thomas, B.S.; Terry J. Danielson, Ph.D.; Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFTJohn Nguyen, B.S.; Terry J. Danielson, Ph.D.; Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFT; Luis A. Sanchez, M.D.Jeffrey P. Walterscheid, Ph.D.; Shaohan Zhao, Ph.D.; Terry J. Danielson, Ph.D.; Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFT; Luis A. Sanchez, M.D.Terry J. Danielson, Ph.D.; Glenn Schott, B.S.; Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFTApproved
October 15-19, 2007Raleigh-Durham, NCS.O.F.T ANNUAL MEETING PRESENTATIONSApplication of Fast GC-MS in the Analysis of OpiatesDetermination of Cocain, Cocoathylene and Benzolyecgonine in Blood and Brain by LC-MS/MSFessesswork Guale, D.V.M.; Terry J. Danielson, Ph.D.; Ashraf Mozayani, Ph.D., D-ABFTTerry J. Danielson, Ph.D.; Linda Alvarado, B.Sc; Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFT; Luis A. Sanchez, M.D.Approved
October 12-17, 2007Savannah, GA41st ANNUAL N.A.M.E. MEETING PRESENTATIONSAccidental Trauma Simulating Child AbuseBeyond the Skeleton: Why Every Large Medical Examiner's Office Needs an On-Site Forensic AnthropologistSickle Cell Trait as an Underlying Cause of DeathKathryn Haden-Pinneri, M.D.Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, M.D. :Presenter | Luis A. Sanchez, M.D.; Jennifer Love, Ph.D. :Co-authorsMary Anzalone, M.D. :Presenter | Approved
July 22-28, 2007San Diego, CA2007 ANNUAL I.A.I. CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONRecovery of Human Remains: Recognition and Documentation of Evidence for Forensic Anthropology AnalysisJennifer Love, Ph.DApproved
February 19-24, 2007San Antonio, TXCRIMINALISTICSLaboratory Gunshot Residue Contamination Study: Part IIJason L. Schroeder, BS; James L. Jackson, BS; Roger Kahn, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDGENERALA Comparative Analysis of the Public Health Role of Death Investigation SystemsStacy A. Drake, MSN, RN; Mary desVignes-Kendrick, MD, MPH; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDLooking to the Future: Opportunities for Research in Forensic DentistryVeronique F. Delattre, DDS; Robert E. Wood, DDS; Richard A. Weems, DDSODONTOLOGYPATHOLOGY/ BIOLOGYRuptured Cerebral Artery Aneurysm Mimicking Home Invasion and AssaultThe Epidemiology of Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Decedent Medical Examiner CasesDrowning of a Child with a Cardiac Fibroma of the Interventricular SeptumDeath by Cue in the Parietal Pocket:  An Unusual Injury Pattern Caused by the Use of a Blunt ObjectThe Great Outdoors: The Postmortem PicnicUnder The Scope: An Unusual Case of Sudden DeathPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYAlbert Y. Chu, MD, MHS; Luis A. Sanchez, MDSharon M. Derrick, PhD; Stacey A. Mitchell, MSN, RN; Luis A. Sanchez, MDDarshan R. Phatak, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDValerie S. Green, MD; Mary L. Anzalone, MD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDKathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Mary L. Anzalone, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDLuisa F. Florez, MD; Mary L. Anzalone, MD; Carolina Gutierrez, MD; Mario Cervantes, MD; Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Maximilian Buja, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDHouston Mass Murder Victims:  33 Years LaterInterpretation Of Osseous Traumata: Ballistics-induced Depressed Skull FracturesThe Petrous Portion of the Human Temporal Bone Revisited:  A Bayesian Analysis of Its Potential Value in the Identification of Human Skeletal RemainsSharon M. Derrick, PhD; Michele Hunt, BS; Luis A. Sanchez, MDKathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Gregory E. Berg, MAJason M. Wiersema, PhDTOXICOLOGYAnalysis of Amphetamines in Postmortem Matrices Using In-Matrix AlkylchloroformateAnnual Lectureship In Toxicology: Methamphetamine and Phentermine in DUID CasesJeff Wise, MS; Terry Danielson, PhD; Ashraf Mozayani, PhD, PharmD; Anna Bayles, MS; Richard Li, PhDAshraf Mozayani, PhD; Terry Danielson, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDPSYCHIATRY & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCEOn Pins and Needles:  Manner of Death When an Unusual Form of Self-Mutilation Leads to Fatal ConsequencesBaiyang Xu, MD; Marissa L. Feeney, MD; Dwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDApproved
October 13-18, 2006San Antonio, TX40th ANNUAL N.A.M.E. MEETING PRESENTATIONSForensic Nursing in the Medical Examiner OfficeGenetic Basis of Aortic Dissections: When to Persue Evaluation of Surviving Family MembersBlunt Impact Head Trauma in Children Caused by Falling ObjectsAn Examination of Deaths Occurring in Harris County due to Hurricane RitaStacey A. Mitchell, MSN, RNKathryn Haden-Pinneri, M.D.Ana E. Lopez, M.D.Stacey A. Mitchell, MSN, RNApproved
February 17-26, 2006Seattle, WACRIMINALISTICSTrace Laboratory Gunshot Residue Contamination StudyJason Schroeder, BS; James Jackson, BS; Eric Sappenfield, PhD, MPHGENERALSudden Cardiac Death in Young AdultsHeather Metcalf, BSN; Sharon Derrick, PhD; Moisha Wright; Stacey Mitchell, MSN, RN; Luis A. Sanchez, MDPrivacy Issues related to the Acquisition of Antemortem Dental Cosmetic Odontology and the LawVeronique F. Delattre, DDSA. Becart, DDS, PhD; Veronique Dellattre, DDS; G. Tournel, MD; V. Hedouin, MD, PhD; D. Gosset, MD, PhDODONTOLOGYPATHOLOGY/ BIOLOGYAn Unusual Death of a Child at the Obstetrician’s OfficeCase Report – Sudden Death Due to Cystic Tumor of the Atrioventricular NodeA Fatality Due to Atomoxetine – The First Known CaseAdolescent Suicide Trends in the Third Largest County in the United StatesThe Value of Expanded Postmortem Toxicology Testing MenuCaveat Emptor: A Series of Deaths Related to Subcutaneous Silicone Injections in Transgender MalesDeath by a Radio-Controlled Helicopter“Homicide by Heart Attack” – An Unusual Pediatric DeathPHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGYAlbert Y. Chu, MD, Luis A. Sanchez, MDCarlos F. Chavez-Arial, MD; Kathryn Haden-Pinneri, MD; Maximilian Buja, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDKathryn Haden-Pinneri, MDAndrea J. Harrison, BSN, RN; Sharon Derrick, PhD; Stacey A. Mitchell, MSN, RN; Luis A. Sanchez, MDLuis E. Remus III, PhD, MD; Ashraf Mozayani, PharmD, PhD;Terry Danielson, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDMorna L. Gonsoulin; MD; Ashraf Mozayani, PharmD, PhD; Terry Danielson, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDAna E. Lopez, MD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDDwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhDBeetle Poop – Interpret with Caution in Southeast TexasDwayne A. Wolf, MD, PhD; Harrell Gill-King, PhD; M. Lee Goff, PhDTOXICOLOGYThree Gamma Hydroxybutyrate  - Related DeathsCarlos F. Chavez-Arias, MD; Ashraf Mozayani, PharmD, PhD; Terry Danielson, PhD; Luis A. Sanchez, MDPSYCHIATRY & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCEInterdisciplinary Peer-Review in ActionM. Welner, MD; K. DeAlwis, MD; Ashraf Mozayani, PharmD, PhDApproved
October 14-19, 2005Los Angeles, CA  39th ANNUAL N.A.M.E. MEETING PRESENTATIONSMammoth Tooth Lesion: Etiology of a Surgical Artifact in Trauma PatientsHow to Make Justified Increases of Medical Examiner Personnel and Resources when the National Trend is ReductionStacey A. Drake, MSN, RN; Dwayne Wolf, M.D. :Presenters | Brad Scott, M.D.; Luis A. Sanchez, M.D. :Co-authorsBeverly Begay :Presenter | Mary Daniels; Luis A. Sanchez, M.D. :Co-authorsApproved
February 21-26, 2005New Orleans, LA A.A.F.S. MEETING PRESENTATIONSThe Forensic Nurse Death Investigator as a Member of the Multidisciplinary Forensic Investigative UnitOrganization and Functions of the Forensic Nurse Investigative Unit at the Harris County Medical Examiner OfficeInterpretation of Toxicology and Pathology Findings in Geriatric AbuseA Homemade Device to Cheat the Urine Drug ScreenPediatric Postmortem ToxicologySequential SIDS or Double Homicide? Challenges of Delayed Investigation of Potential "Subtle" Child HomicidesInfant Death due to Epidermolysis BullosaLuis A. Sanchez, M.D.; Stacey A. Mitchell, MSN, RNStacey Drake :Presenter | Luis A. Sanchez, M.D.; Stacey A. Mitchell, MSN, RN :Co-authorsAshraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFTIouri Boiko, M.D. :Presenter | Douglas Posey, M.D.; Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFT; an Luis A. Sanchez, M.D. :Co-authorsAshraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFTStacey Drake :Presenter | Teresa Royer; Stephen K. Wilson, M.D.; Dwayne A. Wolf, M.D.; and Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm.D., Ph.D., D-ABFT :Co-authorsEugene Hart, M.D. :Presenter | Bonita Fung, M.D.; Ana Lopez, M.D.; Luis A. Sanchez, M.D. :Co-authorsApproved